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TEIPI’s 5 years service awardee from Red Cross

December 21, 2021

A recognition from Philippine National Red Cross was given to TEIPI as 5 years service awardee.

Quality Month 2021

December 9, 2021

TEIPI promises to deliver quality to their customers. TEIPI is committed customer satisfaction by continuously delivering quality products to our customers. This November, we celebrated Quality month with our traditional poster and slogan making contest. We ended the celebration with

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COVID-19 Prevention Month

June 28, 2021

The dreaded virus is still around so we continue to promote awareness to our employees about the prevention of COVID-19. Small group discussion headed by our company nurse, Ms. Maria Bituin Rivera, ensuring that we are updated on the latest

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Basic Supervisory Skills

June 25, 2021

Our supervisors attended the Basic Supervisory Skills Training in partnership with SHINE Counsultancy headed by Sir Jet Nera. We stive to develop the skills of our employees so they can realize their full potentials.

Achieving Excellence in Leadership

January 29, 2021

Last January 28-29, 2021, we had our Leadership training entitled: “Leadership Excellence: A leadership Development Workshop (Planning, Organizing,Leading & Controlling (POLC)) in partnership with SHINE-JNera Training Consultants. TEIPI continues its commitment to provide value added services by continously upgrading our

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